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At Studio Lights, we propose beautiful visuals and specification design for real-time graphics.

We use Unreal Engine and Unity to develop and research TV games, mobile games, CG images, and VR/AR/MR.

In the graphic tasks for game development, we contribute to the success of the project by creating graphics that attract users,

establishing a pipeline for artists that includes feasibility,

promoting practical work and mass production management up until trailer production and master-ups.


We conduct research on real-time CG and assist with pipeline creation and specification development for game graphics,

as well as look development taking into consideration processing loads, and visualizing towards the final look.

  • Lighting

  • We propose a lighting solution tailored to the game plan.
  • ・Verification of necessary functions for Directional/Spot/Point lights and construction of workflows
  • ・Verification of INDIRECT LIGHTING function and construction of workflows
  • ・Production of lighting for cutscenes, construction of workflows for color correction, and specification development
  • ・Specification creation for camera exposure due to indoor/outdoor changes and changes in sunlight
  • ・Design of light intensity, trajectory, and exposure for changes in sunlight during morning, afternoon, and night.
  • Expression of natural phenomena

  • We will create game content by specifying and implementing ENV/Effect/Destruction/Sound across various fields.
  • ・Sky representation - verification and practical work on real-time sky in Unreal and other engines.
  • ・Ocean representation - implementation using Unreal and other engines.
  • ・Vegetation - asset creation, wind response, and contact support.
  • ・Destruction/Physics - real-time rigid body simulation and pre-destruction (also involves workflow construction).
  • ・Weather systems that change daily from sunny/cloudy/rainy/sandstorms/snow/wind - specification design and implementation (including rain-wet shaders).
  • We are responsible for operations, management, debugging, and final quality assurance.
  • Game graphics

  • ・Creating visuals from cutscene lighting, post-processing, and Look Dev
  • ・Lighting design for cities, nightscapes, and levels, considering guiding the player
  • ・IBL shooting, HDR data conversion, panorama creation, and in-game implementation
  • ・Optimizing processing load for the product version (balancing shadow load and shader load)
  • Mass production support

  • ・Technical guidance for linear workflow, lighting design, and destructive simulation
  • ・Management of lighting/post-processing data and color design.
  • Asset management

  • ・Texture and shader creation for high-end products (from material shooting to Substance and UE4 Material Editor)
  • ・Background modeling for vegetation, buildings, etc.
  • ・Character creation and animation production
  • ・Image-based lighting (IBL) creation using Terragen, IBL shooting using a camera
  • ・Outsourcing management
  • Others

  • ・Proposal and consulting for significant cost reduction by utilizing GPU-based real-time CG movie production, replacing the traditional MAYA pre-rendered movies
  • ・Production of media trailers and promotional videos (from shooting to editing)
  • ・Outsourcing management (company investigation, operation management, checks, feedback, and document creation)
  • ・Verification and development of new features and expressions
  • ・Control of asset balance for drawing load and optimal layout design for lighting.


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・Environment Lighting・Cut scene Lighting・Lighting system Verification


Release 2023/1/24
Genre ActionRPG
Platforms PlayStation5 / Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store
Environment Lightng
Cut scene Lighting
Lighting system building


Title Mononoke
Release 2024
Genre Action RPG
Platforms Steam / iPhone / Android
proprietary title


company Studio Lights Co., Ltd. / Play Lights Co., Ltd.

Shinjuku-7 Building, 1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

CEO Nanase Seiji
since 2019.3
Staff 10
E-mail info@studio-lights.net
Business details Development of console games and mobile games / Production of 3DCG videos / Completion of 3D games' look using Unreal Engine and Unity / Lighting / Post Process / Shader development / Optimization of processing load / Verification and specification development, pipeline construction as technical artists / Graphic direction and technical advising by lighting artists
Main Customer Square Enix Co., Ltd.
  • CEO Nanase Seiji
  • history
  • ・Lead Technical Artist (Graphics)
  • ・Lighting Director
  • ・Technical Lighting Artist
  • ・Character Artist